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By Michelle Martin (registered) - website | Posted May 09, 2011 at 07:26:14

Thank you for writing this. We, too, live in a beautiful neighbourhood of well-kept homes near the intersection of King and Main, and to step outside of it to the lack-of-business district is an exercise in discouragement. The cars whip along, over the speed limit, past the delta, still driving in freeway mode as they leave the one-way Main St. for a two-way King St. that has very little room between the sidewalk and the road, making it it very unsafe for those traveling on foot. Always thought it must look terrible to visitors from out of town. At least now, with the Red Hill expressway, we can direct visitors to our house with a route that entirely bypasses the King St. East desolation-- though that expressway came with a price that outweighs any benefits to our part of the city.

Ottawa St. North, on the other hand, is bustling and cheerful and perfectly safe to walk along, with two way traffic, lots of stoplights, wide sidewalks and a buffer of parking spaces between the sidewalk and the road.

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