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By ProfessorQuack (anonymous) | Posted May 08, 2011 at 09:27:27

Peter Graefe said in part: "and a "car commuter" bedroom community, centred around suburbs. The first makes efficient use of existing infrastructure, brings aggregate demand into our local economy, and can be part of community building" He then extolls the virtues of the core and again criticizes the suburbs as contributing to our becoming 'a poor man's Burlington'.

What poppycock. I hope this isn't the same man who teaches at Mac. If he is what an embarrassment of stereotypes in suggesting that Hamilton with its modest half million people population is somehow not deserving of a rural, suburban and urban character.

If I were his students (assuming that it is he) I'd get out of his class. This man is a poor man's imitation of the great Henry Jacek.

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