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By Zot (anonymous) | Posted May 05, 2011 at 08:47:02

My primary difficulty with the existing system is that no matter what I do a government winds up getting elected... O.K. I'm an Anarchist and that's a topic for another day it seems, let's leave that aside and consider how to improve "fairness" in a representative democratic system.

A solution that has not yet been mentioned here yet, probably because I suspect it is not well known, is what has been called "Lottery voting". Works like this: No change to the existing system of ridings; a large number of them with (more or less) equal population, candidates run in a particular riding, as they do now (unlike some proportional representation systems where a nationwide slate is run). Candidates can run as independents, or members of a party. What distinguishes lottery based voting is what is done with the ballots. They are not counted, but rather one of them is selected at random and the candidate on that ballot wins the election in that riding.

A more detailed explanation of the merits of this sytem can be found here:

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