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By jason (registered) | Posted April 20, 2011 at 09:35:34

I'm in the park at all hours (well, not 2am) and have never seen anything unsafe. Just this week I went out for a quick 11pm stroll and encountered some seniors walking their dogs and other folks headed home etc..... I think Strathcona will always be more affordable than Kirkendall simply due to the fewer number of larger homes. Strathcona's most 'affluent' streets are probably Lamoreaux and Inchbury. Otherwise, you get a lot of cottages, 2 storey semis and singles and historic Victorians. Same is true in Kirkendall in the northern part of the hood, but as you go south you encounter huge homes from basically Herkimer and points south. It's one of the reasons my family hasn't been able to move after 4 years of looking. No homes come up for sale in Strathcona that are a step up from ours. We actually just put an offer in on one last week but didn't get it. It was 1,700 sq feet and would have been perfect for our family of 5. (we currently live in about 1,000 sq. ft.) In Kirkendall there are many homes this size and bigger...and of course, they're all out of my price range. lol. Good to hear of a Kirkendall resident headed up here to Stonewalls. The Thurs night jazz is great. Congrats on your move to the Hammer! It sounds like it's working out well.

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