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By JonD (registered) | Posted April 16, 2011 at 08:32:19

In the early 1900s, when cars were sharing the street with less fortunate folk still riding horse and carriage, I don't think speeding cars where much a problem. From what I can see by [this footage] ( ) there were either a huge amount of "jays" in San Fran in 1906 or in actual fact "jays" where the exception and the only ones so nervous and unaccustomed to traffic they needed to go to the intersection. I don't doubt there were a fair share of people that where hit by cars. But I can imagine that the results were bumps and scratches rather than paralysis or death. The life of a pedestrian running errands must have been much easier back then. Zig-zagging freely on a whim from shop to shop. Is there any wonder why so few people walk to do their errands now? The problem is clearly the speed of the vehicles. Its sad to have to dumb it down this much but it seems some need the reminder that this is a city after all, not a transportation network grid that happens to have high buildings and lots of people. The priority must be the safety of the people that live here not the convenience of those racing their way through it.

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