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By noonespecial (anonymous) | Posted April 15, 2011 at 18:48:26 in reply to Comment 62315

1. There is no such thing as a 'write in' ballot. Ballots that are marked in such a way to be anything other than an obvious vote for one candidate are rejected. There is no way to officially differentiate rejected ballots between, for example, blank ballots, ballots with two 'x's for different people, or 'write in' votes for Karen.

Deputy Returning Officers (DROs) have 'final' say over how a ballot is counted or rejected. Party nominated scrutineers can be present while the votes are counted at each poll. This is the only way 'write in' votes for Karen could be counted, unofficially, of course. Considering there are about 240 polls in the riding, it'd be difficult to get enough scrutineers (not sure if the Green party could nominate scrutineers in a riding they're not running in) even if we could get the word out to spoil the ballot with a 'write in' for Karen.

That said, votes cast early by special ballot ARE write-in only ballots (since regular ballots haven't been printed yet.) I don't mean the advance polls which I believe use the regular ballots, I mean special ballot. Basically, you are asked to print a candidates name on a piece of paper. If the name on the ballot is not obviously one of the official candidates, it is just rejected and again there is no official record of why a ballot was rejected. Ballots cast for Donald Duck (or a scribble) would be treated the same way as those for Karen. No one apart from a DRO or scrutineer would know the difference and even then only unofficially.

2. I don't think we'd be doing ourselves any favours by voting for Baldasaro en mass.

Not that I have any better idea of who to vote for now.. maybe

Maybe we make up our own ballots and send them to the Spec/CHML and/or Jim Winns.

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