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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted April 12, 2011 at 12:25:21

I find it amusing...having spent time recently in the US in the middle of the 'budget crisis' (and the Japan earth quake/tsunami crisis and the Charlie Sheen crisis, yadda, yadda, yadda) that somewhere along the way, we've come to see MSM as being The Great Protector of Our Interests. Which is funny, when you consider that this kindasorta abrogation of personal responsibility flies in the face of the equally disturbing aspect of 'entitlement' our society has been fostering for so very long.

MSM doesn't 'owe' anyone anything.

It's a consumable.

If people don't want to consume it anymore...buggy-whips and men's hats and cassette tapes, anyone?...then they don't, and they move on. Why do people see MSM any differently? What's with this 'MSM has certain obligations!' thinking? 'Life's not fair; it's just fairer than Death.'

(Mind you, the bizarre attitude towards what 'should' be covered by news sites...complaints in the Comments sections about an online article's validity to be on the 'front page'...make me do constant spit-takes.)

I heard similar complaints about the 'fairness' of coverage during our last municipal election, and found them just as...well, befuddling.

As with so many 'battles' these days, I think that what's called for is an honest assessment of the situation (this alone is often an unsurmountable barrier) in combination with an equally honest assessment of what's really desired...and whether the variables at hand can reasonably provide the longed-for goal. (I'm seeing the proof of this take on things unfolding with Phase Two of the US budget crisis: 'The Debt Limit: Us vs Them vs All of Us'. Oi-friggin'-vey, it's partisan politics on HGH.)

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