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By David (anonymous) | Posted April 04, 2007 at 01:16:43

My hometown is across the river from Sarnia, but I can only imagine the good that would come to that town only 5% the size of Hamilton with the minds of this site working on the sustainability issues there - and believe me, any thought would be the first.

To the subject of your published article, Ryan, I woke up one morning with an odd thought of a city the size of Hamilton surrounded by a giant circular ring - a curb, with just one-deep radial parking lines in the outward direction, which is located on the inside of a 2-lane round-about, which connects to the streets beyond. I don't know the radius of Hamilton, but a 5 mile radius ring would hold roughly 8300 cars in that scenario. That would put the periphery buildings close to a parking spot around the ring, with rail trolleys cris-crossing within the ring to take people to the center. Maybe even a few city-owned small hybrid vehicles that individuals can rent with a debit card to get around on your own, but no personal vehicles allowed inside the ring, except for delivery trucks, which would be clocked on entrance and pay a fee for the time within.

A strange idea perhaps, but it seemed to align closely with your message - the ring is the demarcation between suburbia and urban. It might look impresive from the air as well.

It would seem that no city could be too large to revitalize with such a plan, but some cities may be too large to form the necessary collective conscience to do so.

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