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By the_experience03 (anonymous) | Posted April 03, 2007 at 15:03:59

Ok...I have to jump back in here. In the US most trucks and SUVs do actually have to meet with emissions and fuel mileage standards. A truck that gets 15 mpg when CAFE standards say the light truck division of a company must get 20 means that they need something that gets 25 to offset that 15 mpg truck.

There are exceptions to vehicles that need to meet with the "harsh" standards, but I don't think you see too many diesel powered dual rear wheel trucks out there as daily drivers.

What REALLY fries my ass is that vehicles with fold flat seats and AWD can just get passed the definitions of SUVs. What in God's name makes it right for a Subaru Legacy to fall under the same rules as a Chevy Tahoe?

By the way...the Subaru Legacy is classified as a light truck, has independent suspension on all 4 corners, and has AWD. It also gets light truck mileage while polluting that same as well. So what's the difference? Capability!

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