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By nikg (registered) - website | Posted April 04, 2011 at 17:24:57 in reply to Comment 61854

@Mr.Meister -

Great point about companies volunteering their information. Why would they do it? Ask NIKE -- just today announcing they are hiring an Open Data expert to help release their sustainability data.

A ton of effort goes into writing Social Responsibility & Corporate Responsibility reports, but there are specific industries have have the data that can clearly outline the true impact they have on environment, etc. Now, the question is whether you'd willingly share that data, being concerned about possible mis-interpretation or backlash of the public who has the facts & data in front of them.

I also agree with you about industries being driven by "perceived benefits" versus "actual benefits", which only support my point about open data being a catalyst of getting down to facts, and how you interpret the data is a different issue then. We're still at the stage of being in the dark as far as any of the data to answer many of your questions.

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