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By mb (registered) | Posted April 03, 2011 at 00:00:27

Let me preface by saying that I enjoy elections and politics in general (yes, you read that correctly). Let me also say that at some point in my life, I have voted for all 3 main political parties. My biggest beef with Canadian voters: pigeonholing themselves into only voting for one party and one party only.

Whenever I hear someone say "I only vote _______", I always ask them why. The answers will astound you. The main 3 reasons always seem to be:

1) "I was raised to vote for the ________________ party". (Are you kidding me? You only vote that way because that's how you're parents always voted? Very scary)

2) "I really liked (insert old PM here i.e.Trudeau)" or "I really hated (insert old PM here i.e. Mulroney)". Okay, it's a bit better than reason #1. But just because you liked Trudeau, doesn't mean that Iggy will be anything like him. Likewise, just because you hated Mulroney, doesn't mean Harper is anything like him.

3)"Their political ideology most resembles mine". A much better reason than #1 or #2, and a reason that I can actually respect. However, this does not particularly guarantee that they will actually pay attention to the election and study the platforms.

I encourage all Canadians to think outside their comfort zone and study each parties platforms. If in the end, your mind hasn't changed, then vote the way you originally intended. Too many people get pigeonholed into voting for a certain party, and it's a hard hole to get out of. Remember, it's our country's fate that's in our hands!

We can do it!

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