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By David (anonymous) | Posted March 31, 2007 at 14:19:20

Interesting that the US has clearly decided that terrorism tactics are an effective tool. I think it is clear that a bomb invasion of Iran could be a major world destabilizing event, so the US will resort to anything to bring a change inside Iran by other means. But if that doesn't work, the carrier groups positioned in the Gulf are not going to limp home and signal another defeat, and since Iran does not appear to be blinking, it is clear the US will be going in there.

It's the "public excuses" that don't make any sense. Iraq was stable under S.H., but look at it now. Iran is many years from being a danger to anyone regarding nuclear weapons - N. Korea is detonating them today, and the US isn't headed for N. Korea!

No - it is Dollar hegemony support for the US global supremacy, and in fact their own survival. The US is being crushed by it's own debt, especially as countries are bailing out of the dollar. Iran has led the way, now along with Korea and Malaysia to make Dollar transactions illegal. Iran didn't just open a Euro Oil Bourse, they are now selling their oil in all currencies except the US Dollar, which is a good deal for the world. The US is in the ugly position of bomb-support of a plan that their Dollar depends on, but nobody else wants. Pat Buchanan reported this month that US global hegemony is history.

That is the real threat, and I believe the US is now in such a desperate situation to save the Dollar, that they are willing to risk the collateral damage to the US economy and maybe much of the world to bomb Iran's ability to undermine it. The nuclear program is a convenient world excuse, but will be quite hypocritic if reports are true that nuclear bunker busters may be used there.

I think the US is clearly in a lose-lose situation, if not on the precipice of a major turning point. Clearly any remaining positive world opinion will be lost with an Iran invasion, not to mention the resultant attitude of Iran's allies, trading partners, and those dependant on their oil. The US stands to be viewed as a rogue nation run-amuck, and at some point, world disdane will overcome any reason to cooperate - if it hasn't already.

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