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By David (anonymous) | Posted March 31, 2007 at 12:45:26

I believe there are at least 2 Iraq wars going on. The one of fighting in the streets and liberating the people from it's dictator - the war which the public is told of - has obviously been a failure. It was just a diversion for the real work being done anyway.

I believe their major "mission accomplished", which was to bring the Iraq oil trade back to the Dollar, to raise the price of oil and resulting Petrodollars flowing back to the US for debt support, and to build bases intended as permanent military presence to maintain control of oil distribution and threaten anyone against hurting Dollar hegemony.

The upcoming escapade in Iran will carry a public mission (nuclear) and a private mission (Dollar) also.

The secrecy of the real missions is what brings so much confusion about the validity of the public ones. The public is still holding onto historical wars, which did in fact feel like wars for principals, freedom, and liberty. But the many Acts passed to subvert the US own Constitution should be a clue that war today is for totally different reasons, which is a key to understanding them. The US wars now are all about money - support for the failing fiat Federal Reserve currency, support for the US debt which can no longer be done by it's own economy, and as a last effort to hold onto global supremacy with guns now that industry has lost it's grip. Wars make huge profits for the bankers (both in currency support and financing the wars)and major corporations to rebuild what is destroyed.

Although bankers are very good at insulating themselves from complicity, the situation becomes very clear when viewed from that perspective, and renders terrorism and democracy as just the public excuses that they are.

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