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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted March 26, 2011 at 17:33:42 in reply to Comment 61584

I would like to respond to your comment, but your writing style seems to be all sound and fury signifying nothing, really.

Nailed that one on the head! That's all we get from Mahesh here.

I think you are trying to say that Ryan is biased, self-congratulatory and has no right to publish in a scholarly journal.

Here I can't agree with Z, I don't see trying from Mahesh, I see doing. IMHO I feel that Mahesh is jealous and covetous of the growing respect and influence that Ryan has attained through determination and hard work. Mahesh constantly leaves shit smears about Ryan all over the site. Of course he does this little graffiti act using his inane verbiage so he can defend his sly little act by countering that we didn't understand him or get his point. I always get your point here Mahesh, you're not pulling the wool over my eyes buddy. This trolling from Mahesh sickened me so much I didn't bother with RTH for a month, I wanted to puke on him after reading it. Have a read of the trolling I linked, I think he`d love nothing more than to run RTH instead of Ryan.

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