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By hammertime (registered) | Posted March 25, 2011 at 22:18:57

What is the point of this whole debate again? Ryan's views on this subject are well documented. The RTH group's views are also well known and they are not friendly to anything other than the WH and downtown busniess core. Maybe you should call yourselves the downtown luv-in group instead of the RTH. As long as you keep bringing up the stadium/WH issue you will continue to be disappointed. Frankly I don't think there should be any hand outs to the WH/downtown group. There is more to the city than your special interests, like schools for example. Fly away little people. The stadium is being built were it should under the circumstances, and for WH? Who other than this left leaning group really cares. Is there any doubt this comment will be down voted? Not a chance, your all so open minded to what is really happening here right?

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