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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted March 25, 2011 at 18:04:53 in reply to Comment 61551

Do you agree with higher gas taxes? If you do, then you understand the idea that when you tax something, you get less of it. Therefore, if you want a city that gets less investment in new developments, residential, commercial, industrial, keep taxes high.

However, if you want more of these investments, you need to lower these tax rates.

Here is a snippet from Ryan regarding gas taxes...

"So what happens if we cut the gas tax to lower prices?

3. Instead of driving less in response to higher prices, motorists will drive more in response to lower prices."

Did you catch that. Even a proud Bob Rae supporter admits that when you lower the price of something, people will buy more of it. If we replace gas with Hamilton land, then lowering the price (by lowering the tax rate), people will demand more of it.

He went on to say this...

" 4. That aditional demand for oil will further strain a global oil production system already running at capacity, causing prices to go up in response. "

In other words, by lowering the tax on gas (Hamilton land), demand will rise, which will in turn drive up prices (increased land values).

Seeing that we already have some of the highest tax rates on land in the GTA and lowest prices on land in the GTA, wouldn't it be in all of our best interests to push for lower tax rates, thus making our homes rise in value?

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