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By Brandon (registered) | Posted March 25, 2011 at 15:39:11 in reply to Comment 61524

And burying your head in the sand is a great way of making sure that if an opportunity comes of to get screwed again, it will happen.

Analyzing the process to see what really happened helps to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.

The real questions as I see them are as follows:

Were the 'Cats truly excluded from the decision making process?

On what basis did the 'Cats claim that they would lose $7M/yr at WH?

Why did Bob Bratina set as the prime goal of the last meeting as "keeping the Tiger-Cats" as opposed to "What's best for the city and let Bob Young do as he will"?

Excessive verbosity and flowery prose don't change the fact that a location that was agreed upon by a significant majority was, at the last minute, suddenly decreed as unworkable. It was a nasty play by Bob Young to maximize his personal profits at the city's expense.

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