Comment 61401

By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted March 23, 2011 at 12:06:22 in reply to Comment 61399

I'm all for riding the Chamber, but the "efficient regional road system" was only part of the argument. There was also the selling point of accommodating phenomenal exurban population growth in upper Stoney Creek (projected $820 million of new residential assessment), developing employment lands in North Glanbrook and Airport (projected $330 million of new industrial assessment) and addressing the lack of local job growth and reliance on external employment were also arguments for Expressway construction. Lancing policymakers for the trucks alone cuts them an exquisite amount of slack. Show me the alleviated tax load on citizens, or the increased live-work viability of the city. The ecdev brief may as well have come with a colouring book filled with perspex apartment bubbles and high speed hovercraft ferries.

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