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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted March 23, 2011 at 11:17:58 in reply to Comment 61359

Problem solved, then. All you need do is circulate a memo!

If only it were that simple.

Pedestrians on this site have pilloried signage that asks pedestrians to close short gaps by an inconvenient workaround.

Cyclists would fault a bike lane network that demanded that they travel several kilometers out of their way to manage a route that might have been arrayed in a different way had they not wanted to cross Ward 6, for example.

Not that I think direct 403 linkage is politically viable, but suggesting that the existing trucking linkage that exists is completely efficient is kind of coy.

Consider Bermingham, which is to take over the old Lakeport plant at Burlington and Wellington. If you were a worker hungry for a thrift-conscious IKEA hot dog, you’d save yourself almost 3km by heading east along Burlington/James/Cannon/York/Plains Plains rather than west along Burlington/QEW. Now imagine that you’re not a hungry worker but part of a competitive just-in-time supply chain, and you’re heading to Brantford rather than Toronto. Rat drifting through the lower city is still a shorter distance than the Victoria to Linc route (by about 2km).

Gas prices don't help a high-ground stance. Seems to me that business will either default to the quickest A to B or the simplest A to B. Road repairs and congestion conditions keep the algebra hairy enough that this will be an ongoing headache.

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