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By jason (registered) | Posted March 22, 2011 at 11:27:43

Against the objections of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, which decried the "political influence" of the Strathcona residents

This part is awesome. Shows how out of touch these guys are.
Heaven forbid citizens actually get involved in their own neighbourhood and try to make it a safe place to raise a child (where have I heard that statement before?) A child was hit at that painted crosswalk at Lameroux several years ago. A stop light has been approved and will be installed later this year. Also, I know a move is afoot in the neighbourhood to see the second northbound lane removed and bike lanes added to both sides of Dundurn. One - it will slow down the speeders flying north. Two- it will allow cyclists to move around safely (nobody from the chamber would know this, but people in this neighbourhood use bikes to go to work and be productive citizens). Three - it will create a needed buffer between traffic and the aforementioned tiny sidewalks.
Let's hope to see these simple, yet vital changes made to Dundurn.

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