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By not a robot (anonymous) | Posted March 28, 2007 at 16:46:11

Not only is it a hardship for some, it will make less and less economic sense for those who are struggling but can still afford it.

As for voluntary riders, this is what we need! This is what we should be striving for! The bus does not have to be only for those who cannot afford a car.

So it is absolutely rediculous to purposely raise fares, keep the quality the same or less and just try to justify whether or not the porrest can still use it.

public transit is not some "lesser" form of transportation but a viable environmetally friendly one... when run properly.

Everything in Toronto is higher but they also have an incredibally better transit system, so there is no real comparison there. Also, does anyone truly know how many Toronto residents do not take because they cannot afford it? There is nothing to suggest there are not people who avoid regular bus use because of the cost and the same rule applies here.

Want to increase the fair? Increase the service. At least there will be some justification. but even then there should be some hesitation as more income from more riders should do much to pay the rising cost.

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