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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted March 14, 2011 at 13:56:50

If it was meter parking, I'd actually support this. Meter parking is for customers, and that's good for local business. Something like the setup with the little meter-lots along King in the Westdale Village. The fencing and bus stops along King downtown means there is actually kind of a shortage of street-side parking along there... and it's not like street-side meter parking is some kind of anti-urbanist concept, I'm pretty sure that even hyper-dense places like Manhattan thrive on streetside parking.

More lots are just for commuters who work downtown, since most of the city's lots are priced in such a manner it's kind of nasty for shoppers (and heaven help you if you want to eat dinner downtown, since they'll ding you for both the day and evening prices if you happen to arrive before 6pm). It's pretty darned obvious we don't need more of that, but it sounds like it's exactly what they've put in there. The low-hourly/high-daily price of meters seems far more conducive to a healthy downtown economy than the high-hourly/low daily pricing they use on the lots throughout town.

Either way, my big want here would be some sort of deployable barrier set-up that allows them to close the lot without requiring police to supervise the entrance/exits. Then they could close it frequently for events, even weekly like Kensington Market.

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