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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted March 10, 2011 at 15:53:04

How often have we seen the mayor absent himself from a debate and forego media comment until council argues it out and makes its will known, then either tilt with the prevailing breeze or take a halberd to the cables that were lashing some stonking great trial balloon to an already shaky political/economic reality?

Know what? It’d be great to wad that monstrous glob of Randle Reef PAH into a series of payloads and rocket it all into the merciless heart of the sun – Ambitious City! – but that doesn’t make it a pragmatic or productive contribution to a discussion that long since started and long since ended. And forgive me for being a shade cynical, but here's a team that won’t even give up their complementary lunch, let alone pay for the cheap way of “neutralizing” the city’s most poisonous industrial landmark. Having aborted additional tens of millions in stadium perks (in part to avoid an inflammatory property tax hit), should we expect this council to suddenly opt to triple its spending on harbour remediation – the byproduct of which will be essentially invisible regardless of how much they spend? Somehow I think not.

Like many trial balloons, it just seems like we're looking at 1% skin, 99% hot air.

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