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By hammertime (registered) | Posted March 10, 2011 at 15:31:28

Moylek, I wasn't kidding. Grew up with a drunk for a grandfather. Nothing less than embarrasing. The man would wake up and pound back a beer every morning without taking a breath. Then he would go out and warm up the car in the middle of the summer for 15 minutes everyday. We always wondered why? One day we watched as he pulled a mikey from under the seat and drank it. This was a daily occurance for longer than I can remember. Then he would drive my grandmother and I to work. It all caught up with him one day as he died turning yellow in his 57th yr., from the poisons in his blood because his liver stopped working. No surprise, the doctors told him 10 yrs. earlier he had two choices, he made the wrong choice.. What was sad is he drove drunk like this everyday, risking not only his life but ours and everyone around us. He was so drunk you could smell the alcohol on his skin. It was discusting, sad, and a total waiste of a human life..

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