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By seek (anonymous) | Posted June 16, 2006 at 02:10:51

I agree that a definite plan to restore the Lister is needed. We only have 60 days, but it's taking shape. The biggest thing in it's favour right now is the James North Art Crawl which FILLED the street with gallery hoppers last Friday night. If the restored Lister Block was included in that picture, it would draw people from everywhere!

- A renowned architect has volunteered his time.
- A respected developer has said "any developer would jump". If Liuna is to be out of the picture, other developers will step forward.
- McHattie's plan can work - the city buys it, leases cheaper elsewhere and still saves money. The city can fill some of that empty office space. Triple A is for businesses that pay for it out of their profits!
- The James North BIA needs to open their shops Friday nights, and get with the program and support the new entreprenurial business people who are revitalizing James North. A tickytacky replica office building is filled with people who go home at five o'clock. Other than an hour at lunch, the 'Lariuna' plan is a death knell to businesses on James North and King William.

...(insert your ideas here)...

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