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By Frank (registered) | Posted March 27, 2007 at 12:49:20

The Tims at Mud and 20 can EASILY survive without a drive thru. In fact, I believe there'd actually be an increase in the level of service. Numerous times I've stopped off there to grab a cup of java and parked my car, walked in and bought my coffee and entered my vehicle again before the car at the end of the line has even gotten to the speaker. And that's with sometimes double staff working the drive thru window. As for the Tims at Stonechurch and U. James, who's idea was that... If the drive through was eliminated then there'd be more parking. The one that's in the gas station is rather pointless anyway since it's less than a minutes walk to the door of the neighbouring full size Tims.
On the point of tsunamis, earthquakes and global warming... Brian and Nin are right about the cause of them however, global warming causes a rise in ocean levels and this will increase the devastation caused by them as they will have the ability to travel further up the coast and further down waterways in the immediate path.

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