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By STeve (registered) | Posted March 04, 2011 at 11:48:09

This is horrible news for East Hamilton. One more reason for a family, or young couple thinking of starting one to look to locate elsewhere in the city.

Everyone who cares should be contacting Ward 3 Councillor Morelli and asking him to fight publically for the schools. In the 20006 & 2010 Election (yes, same promises in both elections because he's so popular he can just dial-in his campaign) he campaigned on fighting to maintain schools.

  1. Fight to maintain and keep open our inner city schools and to recognize their key role as community centres.

Phone: 905-546-2702 Email:

BTW: They are tearing down Sanford Avenue School,

Other places (Dundas, Murray, Stinson) they turn old schools into condos. In the east side they tear them down :(.

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