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By Goin'Downtown (registered) | Posted February 26, 2011 at 23:27:42

At a public budget meeting that I attended a couple of years ago, it was suggested by a citizen that recyclables pbe picked up bi-weekly, but we were told that the City has minimum quotas that must be attained weekly or a surcharge would apply (from the recycles purchasers). In other words, we were told that bi-weekly p/u would not be financially feasible.

I also think that the laws surrounding packing need to be made WAY more stringent. Take-out coffee cups and dollar store crud show are serious offenders to the environment and our waste reduction efforts; perhaps a sur-tax should be applied to those who don't package responsibly. Ideally, every packaging material should be recyclable and/or bio-degradable. I'm stating the obvious, but it's time for us to apply proper focus and pressure on these issues.

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