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By BrianE (anonymous) | Posted March 26, 2007 at 10:11:21

Not to get too off topic but the issue of drive thu's and idling comes up on RTH quite often.

Banning drive thu's completely is a losing battle, in my opinion, its a sound idea, it would have positive impacts on the environment but I just don't see it flying.

I think the best compromise would be to talk with the fast food joints about the health and safety of their employee's who work the drive through. It would be dead simple for restaurants to put large signs next to the order speaker and billboard that say in firm but polite tones "Turn off your engine before ordering, Thank you" And also at the pickup window that says, "For our employee's saftey please shut off your engine, thank you" This is the same idea of the no shirt, no shoes, no service signs and the no smoking signs (although the no smoking signs have a real law to back them up). Some restaurants may even implement the idea that if your engine is still running the manager has the right to refuse you service at the drive through until you shut off your car engine. Once again, back to the no shirt no shoes idea.

I don't know about anybody else, but I find that a lot of people will obey a sign out of habit, whatever it says, if it looks professional enough. Even more people will obey that same sign if there is a by-law to back it up. That's the bottom line right there really.


Nin05 has got you on point three seancb, he may be on shakey ground for points 1 and 2 but tsunami's have nothing to do with global warming.

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