Comment 60239

By jason (registered) | Posted February 25, 2011 at 13:16:06 in reply to Comment 60235

yea, I'm concerned about this 2 week idea. We have a household of 6 people and our green bin and 2 recycling bins are filled to the brim most weeks....ditto for our one garbage can. In the summer it gets nasty beside the house with the heat blazing away on the food bin. I wash it out every week after pick-up. 2 weeks of that would be horrendous. We should have done the sensible thing and had people leave their grass on their lawn (I had no idea that people actually rake up grass. seriously??). What a waste of money to be collecting a natural mulch that enhances the health of the lawn.
People always ask me how my lawn is so green and if I fertilize. I say, 'nope, some clover is interspersed and I leave the grass on it when I cut it'. That's it. Just a push mower, nothing fancy and my lawn is fine. Our lawns don't need to look like golf courses.

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