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By jason (registered) | Posted March 23, 2007 at 16:37:18 in reply to Comment 5981

ok..I sent an email to some councillor and local bigwigs. I got a response back from a great contact at city hall who works specifically with downtown area developments. Here was their answer to me directing them to this conversation and the 'bring MEC to Hamilton' website:

"Hey thanks for the tip. I got the perfect site, next to Hess Village and all the young folks who hang there. The bottom of the old federal building which fronts onto Main. Tough to create dwelling units on the ground floor but the floor plate is big enough for their needs, it has loading and there will be parking next door and on transit route. Another advantage is that the ceiling heights of the ground floor I believe are in excess of 20 feet. And beautiful exposure as you clear the rise on Main at Queen.
Do you have a personal contact or do you want me to explore this option with them?"

I told this person to contact them personally since their title at city hall will carry some weight...but also, Sean, I would get back to the person you spoke with and give this info since you were the original contact. by the way, if you could email me with that persons email address I'll pass it along to city hall. remember, the old fed building is at Caroline and Main...the city is about to build a new parking garage at Main between Caroline and Hess. who knows, maybe this will work?

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