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By Mahesh_P_Butani (registered) - website | Posted February 15, 2011 at 12:43:54

DIY Guide to Creating a New World in 3 minutes:

“…how about simply looking at creating a world where those-who-are-so-inclined-to-be-‘thieves’ aren’t as inclined to do so?”

A Teacher, a Wise Man, two Punks, and a Chicken

"There was once a wise man that was so smart, he knew everything. The townspeople would line up on Sundays in front of his hut and would ask him for advice. People from all over the province, from all over the country, would make a special pilgrimage to seek the wise man’s advice. Young women would ask him when they would meet their soul mate; young men would ask him how much money they would make; young couples would want to know how many children they would have, and old couples came to him wanting to alleviate their pain and suffering. And for each question, he would know the answer.

Then one day there were these two boys from the village, punks they were; bad boys who liked to fight and swear. They wanted to trick the wise man and humiliate him in front of everyone. So they stole a chicken from one of their neighbors and said to each other, ‘let’s do this. Let’s put the chicken behind our back, like this. We’ll go to the wise man and say, is this chicken alive or dead? If the wise man says that the chicken is alive, we’ll wring its neck and give it to him. And if he says it’s dead, we’ll throw the live chicken in his face.’

So the two punks walked over to the wise man’s hut with the chicken behind their back and stood in line. When the two punks finally reached the wise man, they looked at him and asked, ‘wise man is this chicken behind our back alive or dead?’

The wise man looked at the two boys and said, ‘the answer is in your hands."

…the word ‘educate’ originates from the Latin ‘educere’ meaning “to bring out; to lead forth.” ~ Steve Schertzer

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