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By DubbleDeez (anonymous) | Posted February 14, 2011 at 14:50:09

This is an interesting thread and one I've enjoyed reading. With exception of a couple of singularly questionable posts that try only to assassinate character, a lot of people make some great points.

That said, I think underpinning all of the talk surrounding redevelopment or building new is quite simply cost. You can complain about 'ugly stucco' hotels all you want popping up along the side of the QEW but folks the slave labour that built the world's most beautiful structures no longer exists. Stucco keeps room rates at $100 bucks a night. Brick and stone ... you'd have to pay double that. And frankly, there is NO market for that.

The market gets forgotten a lot in these conversations. I too would like to see a conversion of this building but those units would have to come to the market likely in the over $350K range to make them viable. I know you all love downtown, but there is simply NOT the market here for that yet. Perhaps someday but certainly not now.

In the meantime, whatever happens, happens. Beyond the sculptures, there is NO reason to save this building. It is significant of nothing although perhaps sentimental to the people who worked there for years, a member of my family included. Every building must be looked at individually and realistically to determine its true value.

By the way, on the issue of speculation, in this city more will lose than will win. The pick-up in Hamilton is simply not going to be like it was in Toronto. It will come more slowly than that and perhaps in more concentrated bursts. It will be a LONG time before a residential community at WH can be built in a manner that makes economic sense. And if it was SO easy to convert and make a profit, why aren't we ALL doing it? Heck, I could use the money.

Anyway, keep up the good debate. It's healthy. But please, as a newer reader of this blog, keep it professional and maintain some integrity. Simply because someone leans one way or another away from your typical line of thinking, doesn't mean they deserve your scorn. Neither does it mean you pull out run ins with the law on completely un-related matters.

Let he who is without sin ...


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