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By Jeff Reid (registered) - website | Posted February 14, 2011 at 14:38:20

Great work, Mark... Really enjoyed it.

On "Fair Dealing" ...So what happens when you throw "off-shore" servers and "rewriters" in the reality? I wonder, as someone threatened by those corporations that mistake a dev. process for final product.

News-ON is a custom script, that fetches everything released by RSS-- Really Simple Syndication was never intended for Corporations, BTW, who have really complicated syndication all to themselves.

If one wanted to just "steal the cake", you can host anywhere on the globe, and run an author's work through a Rewriter-- this creates a new piece of writing with just a single, algorithmic action. The results usually lack finesse, but I've seen it actually improve on shoddy reporting, the way the radio news re-writers do.

For my work, its important that ALL the material is attributed and archived: news reports, City Hall feeds, all local blogs and civics. Washington-DC, for example, grows by over 200 pages a day.

To me, the archival is required, because the media and governments will remove the statements and stories they release. Even Wikipedia notes on one entry...

Stories in local newspapers such as The Hamilton Spectator and The Guelph Mercury... do not remain online for long. The following links have been chosen for their stability on the web.

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