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By Realist (anonymous) | Posted February 14, 2011 at 12:32:02

We all know that any contaminant has to be removed from any building. I am speaking as a tenant or a purchaser, I would not want to live or work in a building that's been exposed or is going to cost me more to heat and cool especially in Mr. Green Premiers new Ontario. I don't trust that a clean-up would get everything, as mrjanitor said, when this stuff is friable, it goes everywhere. Given the choice between a modern new building and an old one, I will always put my money into a condo that has a warranty. Builders love condo renos because they're off the hook for major problems and leaves the consumer with no recourse.

There is also a matter of disclosure, asbestos contamination cleanup should be disclosed to any tenant or purchaser prior to signing any deal.

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