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By PeterF (registered) | Posted February 13, 2011 at 01:17:51

Something like the distillery section of TO would be amazing. Of course some of the buildings already existed. Makes you think about all the cotton mills that were once all over this city at one time.

Speaking of NYC, the last time I was there, I ran into a fellow who explained how the repurposing of buildings tended to happen there in certain areas of Manhatten. As companies, wharehouses old hotels etc. moved on and the area became derelict. Artists and artisans would rent them for basically next to nothing. As the area became hip, the rents went up, the spaces renovated and places like SOHO become trendy and cool to live in. The starving artists then move on, the wealthy ones open galleries and so on. One place in Brooklyn is just starting to get super expensive but has gone through the same type of evolution as SOHO is DUMBO. They love acronyms. Makes you think, maybe James ST. N is going through this now??

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