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By drb (registered) - website | Posted February 12, 2011 at 11:14:54 in reply to Comment 59624

Well Smith, your "logic" is flawed. The "part of the city" that you mention was built by industry. Factories, office buildings, and commercial properties have been sold to free-market multinationals that then shut them down and move jobs and operations to nations with few labour or safety/environmental laws. The loss of income in this "part of the city" was never in-filled, and lead to the slow bleed that results in speculative buyers and abandoned properties.

Your blessed free market created this situation, not "lefties and whiners".

And your "government freebies" quip? Glib, but nothing from the government is free. If you want to save 17% on your property taxes you may want to concentrate your efforts on getting the social service costs (down-loaded to the municipality by the Harris PCs, maintained by The McGuinty Libs) up-loaded to the province.

Your attempt to draw conclusions from the random joining of words is simple-minded. From all of your compilations of figures and statistics I somehow expected more from you.

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