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By cam (anonymous) | Posted February 10, 2011 at 23:35:18

Wow you people are first rate eggheaded hippies. Something you folks might not know is that about 80 percent of the trucking industry is made up of trucks with older diesel engines so if you had your way then all these small trucking companies and businesses would end up going out of business because there's few who can afford a brand new truck much less a whole fleet of them so then all of these businesses would end up going to the big corporations or overseas creating less jobs here, and besides that you probably wouldn't have about 90 percent of the things that you do have because about 99 percent of the things you have came on a truck at one point or another. Now for your wood fire places. How long do you think fire has been around? I'm guessing ever since the first knuckle draggin caveman accidentally scraped a piece of flint across a rock an ended up with a fire. So if wood smoke is so bad for the environment then how come the world isn't dead and barren by now? Besides that obviously none of you have been exposed to a fire for warmth its about a hundred times better than any other source of heat. People like you is the reason its so hard for the little guy to survive any more. And of your so worried about "noise" pollution then go live out in the country.

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