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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted February 07, 2011 at 16:53:34 in reply to Comment 59404

Where is Jelly? We need some 'I am a tree-hugging nerd' t-shirts. I'll take a large and two for my kids.

My eldest once walked up to the tree next to our house which must be around 100 years old, and hugged it out of the blue.

It was awesome. No idea why she did it but all I could think was 'that's my girl'.

Back to your comment DRB, what if we just put some padding around the trees instead of looking for tree-less hills? I seen some kid whack into a tree the other day and he was okay, but some sort of padding would surely limit injuries.

I took my girls tobogganing for the first time at the reservoir off of Greenhill and was shocked to see the 'no tobboganning sign' right where I parked. The place was packed though and my girls had a riot! I couldn't get them to go home and their cheeks were rosy and their dad was feeling it too dragging them up that steep hill.

They can't wait to go back. I used to love winter when I was a kid because I was active including playing hockey. I am learning to love it again in my adult years because of my children. They are a reminder of what it was like to be a child. Albeit I hurt a lot more after such outings, but I know I slept well Saturday night.

I did see some pretty wicked wipeouts though, but there was tonnes of adult supervision so I for one think that location should be recognized as an official tobogganning spot that seems to be heavily supervised. Even the parents of older kids came to hang out and watch with their coffees in hand. All they needed was some street meat and a bomb-fire to warm up the hands for a few minutes before heading back up the slopes and it could have been an entire day event.

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