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By tnt (registered) | Posted February 06, 2011 at 16:44:52

In the 1960s' people could see that parks in cities were dangerous places that only had single uses for minimal parts of the day. The resons being that they are regulated to not allow people to use them for anything, but very specific use.

Look at successful parks in Hamilton: Confederation and Pier 4. These have a diversity of uses and ammenities to support people being there. Obviously both are in need of much, much more to really master their potential.

That said, other parks with some playground structures, but forbidden to play sports in them, are another waste of space that creates dark voids in cities.

I'm not advocating for concrete jungles and 60 storey condos, but some denser living is needed. A park vs a parklinglot doesn't improve very much.

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