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By Dave (anonymous) | Posted June 13, 2006 at 14:41:46

What was it like last night?

Well - I guess I can represent the guys from Raise the Hammer (as no one was there!) and say it was entertaining, disgusting, angering and VERY long!

We were there from 3 pm - 11 pm and I gotta say some of those councilors have no respect and if I was represented by someone who didn't even have one word to say about the entire process - I would be a very upset citizen!

Terry Whitehead was disrespectful, non-sensical and at times spiteful and he deserves to be voted out this November. Yes Terry we understand you like to have the final word in every conversation - but did you really need to comment after every speaker?

Larry was making snide remarks after speakers talked and a few times had the gallery on their feet asking him to apologize. There is absolutely no reason for him to be throwing in comments about someone's position or what they just said.

Dave Mitchell had his head in the clouds.

Sam Merulla was Sam Merulla. Not paying attention to most of the speakers and only taking notice when he felt he was being attacked. Checking his Crackberry constantly and feeling the need to bother Brain McHattie.

Someone please tell Tom Jackson that white shoes are not permitted in City Council Chambers. Save it for the docks Tom!

I just want to say way to go Margaret McCarthy! Asking the tough questions and standing up for fiscal responsibility!

What are some of these guys and gals gonna do for jobs when they are booted out of office? No one in their right mind would want some of the personalities that currently occupy City Hall. This city is only going to change when we vote in people who can actually do the job and are passionate about the city.

If I hear one more comment about how Europe re-built their cities after the war I am gonna scream! According to officials and downtown business owners, Hamilton is a now wartorn city...sheesh!

Hopefully it all comes out when CATCH transcribes it...

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