Comment 59172

By highwater (registered) | Posted February 03, 2011 at 07:13:13 in reply to Comment 59169

And yet what drags down any discussion is the bandying about of pseudo-facts, faux-statistics, conjecture about this, hypothesizing about that, injection of unmoderated bias and prejudice... It gets a little wearying, doncha think?...

You are quite right not to expect these things in the articles and blogs, but in the comment sections? Well, I give you credit for acknowledging your self-righteousness.

It's the internet. We're having a conversation. Do you go around in your daily life demanding that any gathering of humans whether to effect change, or even just to socialize, be completely free of pseudo-facts, faux-statistics, conjecture, hypothesizing, unmoderated bias, and prejudice? You must be great fun at cocktail parties.

How about RTH doing a story on this ancillary element to the whole stadium débacle?

Go for it!

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