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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted February 03, 2011 at 06:26:57 in reply to Comment 59109

Lack of comprehension runs rampant in discussions such as this. I'm not assailing someone's honesty in declaring their own limitations (yes, I'm being glib, yes I'm taking the piss...), just pointing out that to this ardent observer, at some point, the need to launch even as benign a self-righteous salvo as this seems... Well, I'll put it this way: RTH is a mechanism for change. A forum within which an examination of events, of contributing factors to dilemmas that challenge the city can take place. Referring to a theme on my blog of late, part of its effectiveness might be found in 'deliberative dialogue'.

And yet what drags down any discussion is the bandying about of pseudo-facts, faux-statistics, conjecture about this, hypothesizing about that, injection of unmoderated bias and prejudice... It gets a little wearying, doncha think?

There are seemingly endless instances where what goes on at City Hall on myriad fronts are beyond the ken of a casual (and lazy) observer. The purchases of WH land as mentioned in Danya's comment being just one of these instances.

Is it unreasonable to request that not only the Hammer be raised, but the bar of enquiry? So instead of something being tossed as an accusation (against the former mayor), how about framing the issue of these lands having been purchased in a proper question, a salient enquiry?

How about RTH doing a story on this ancillary element to the whole stadium débacle? Or, short of Ryan doing it, why don't impassioned readers...such as Danya...approach their Councillors and begin asking the 'fallout' questions that deserve to be asked, especially as, if IWS will be going forward, what's now in store for WH deserves to be focused on. (I'll be sending this comment to those on Council I have regular contact with, so I'll be walking my own talk.)

Grumbled commentary -no matter how well-intentioned- is fine, expressing it is surely within our individual and collective rights. But doesn't Hamilton deserve more from all of us? Especially here on this site?

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