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By improvethehammer (registered) | Posted February 01, 2011 at 22:42:17 in reply to Comment 59050

City would actually get down to business by building the stadium and LRT together, while transforming a neighbourhood! This is unlikely to take place in our life-time.

I think public transit is a PanAm requirement. So I fully expect LRT to be built at the same time as the stadium. Why would you think otherwise?

LRT is a pipe-dream that won't happen in Hamilton because council and top city staff have no appetite for it

Please read this article:

Private interest has, once again, dictated bad public policy.

Fill that glass a little fuller. The IWS2 project was approved by all council. It will mean jobs for Hamiltonians. And it was the only site with no funding gap.

Remediation/revitalization at WH won't happen any time soon

Not necessarily. In fact, I think now that the stadium decision has been made, it makes sense to move forward with WH remediation. The sooner it can be remediated, and sold to private interests, the sooner we can get back the $10 million from the future fund spent on it already.

Plus, I think public interest in remediating the site has never been higher.

Guys, now is the time for us Hamiltonians to get behind council's decision and move forward with city building.

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