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By BeulahAve (registered) | Posted February 01, 2011 at 17:20:17

I am impressed to see so much excitement around the velodrome, and the feeling of moving on. I think that is wise, especially the notion of posting ideas for the velodrome in a central location that could be accessed by city staff who may be playing catch up for quite awhile due to stadium debate.

However, I am treating this as a day of mourning. Back to Soupfest, I ran into someone who teaches people basic life skills so that they can move forward and eventually get off OW and ODSP. This program has great outcomes! With some of the money the city is spending on the stadium, it could literally fund intensive supports such as these for EVERY person on social assistance in this city. Yet this organization faces the likely prospect that this program will not be funded again next year. Ok, it would be provincial funding, not city, but the point still stands.

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