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By Hipgnosis (anonymous) | Posted January 31, 2011 at 15:26:17

I wouldn't necessarily call us all unhappy Hamiltonians. I am disappointed that this entire process has gone from an "amateur sports legacy" to something that his been hi-jacked by a professional sports franchise.

I am disappointed that Brian Timmis is being removed and am hopeful that it will be replaced somewhere else in the inner city where proper soccer pitches are sorely needed. Brian Timmis was a bit of an eyesore due to the fence but it was one of the best pitches in the City.

All in all I can say at least the money is staying in the community I guess but at what cost? The Future Fund will be terribly depleted and we may have lost the opportunity for the velodrome which would have enhanced amateur sports in the city.

The level of engagement has been truly exciting and as much as the trolls and naysayers want to bash RTH for the views it has expressed I think that they were necessary as there did not seem to be another media outlet in the City asking any difficult questions. When the hardest questions are coming from a citizen journal/blogsite you have to question the established media a bit.

Congratulations to Ryan and all of the contributors at Raise the Hammer for getting under the skin of the establishment. I am sorry that we have not seen the success that we were hoping for but I think believe that you have definitley got the attention of our politicians and the traditional media.

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