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By MattM (registered) | Posted January 31, 2011 at 13:09:56

Count me as another one that would be happy to see the velodrome, a BT replacement and possibly an amphitheatre of sorts at the West Harbor. I think those things would make the Ivor Wynne thing worth it, even with the horrible numbers and absolute-zero contribution from the Ti-Cats. This would remidiate the land, and if the developers that came forward for a stadium at West Harbor were serious, surely they would keep their interest if a velodrome, soccer pitch/stadium and amphitheatre took form there. How would a 15, 000 seat stadium be much different? Or even a 5000 seat scalable stadium?

This would also keep interest in the GO stop at James North and would go great with the existing Setting Sail plans.

Y'know, if you read between the ignorant insults and cheap shots, the trolls are onto something.

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