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By improvethehammer (registered) | Posted January 31, 2011 at 11:31:13

West Harbour had a funding gap of $50 million, whereas IWS2 had a funding gap of $25 million. Even if the Ticats were on board for WH, we'd still have trouble building at WH.

The economic difference between Ivor Wynne and West Harbour for the Ticats is at best negligible

This has been stated many times. And if true, that begs the question why would the Ticats invest so much time, energy and impact to goodwill for a negligible difference???

It is either one of two things -- to save face, or they don't believe the difference to be negligible. It is too bad we didn't concentrate efforts on allowing them to save face (or to address the financial impact concerns) a lot sooner. The relationship between the Ticats and mayor Fred was clearly divisive. It took new blood to get them to consider IWS again. It's just too bad this productive dialog didn't happen a year ago.

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