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By goin'downtown (registered) | Posted January 30, 2011 at 21:44:39

@Lawrence, thank you, BTW, for being such a devoted, civilized Hamiltonian. Many smiley faces to you! Earlier in the day I was looking at the report quite a bit and can't for the life of me see the 1500 parking spaces that the Cats are requiring anywhere onsite or nearby, for that matter. I haven't had the time to go and scope out the area to become more familiar; do you see any potential plots suitable for Ticat parking? And Parkview denotes "future opportunity" - like you mentioned in an earlier comment - guess it's going to be toast (hope the Board can re-create the facilities and programs elsewhere - what a success story). That would be a great place to locate the Football Hall of Fame (tourism $ injection), and for the Ticats to invest in administration offices. Also loved the link on your website regarding "the greenest building is the one already standing." Lots of great info! Furthermore...sensing that IWS2 is a go...I also spent some time toodling around the Ticat website. Lots of community involvement, that's for sure. Yeah, it's to drum up sales and fan loyalty, but it's still great, nonetheless (loooove the breakfast/fitness talks to the rug rats). Now we need our greatest municipal minds to capitalize the rest of the Pan Am opportunity at the WH and put that expropriated land to good use (VELODROME), ensure that a GO station does in fact land 500m away from IWS, and find ways to ensure that there IS some community-building for Code Red issues built into the IWS2-precinct. IMHO, retaining a CFL team without having to foot the entire bill for a new stadium (keeping Hamilton's name top-of-mind), jumpstarting dev't at the WH, and addressing the much-needed community-building needs of Ward 3 would be the HFF monies put to good use. And, "No greenfield is being built on, no suburban or Burlington stadium, no park is paved over, no high value employment lands used up" as mentioned above by Bob Lee really is quite an amazing feat.

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