Comment 58752

By bob lee (anonymous) | Posted January 30, 2011 at 10:41:03 in reply to Comment 58751

extraordinarily polarizing and shortsighted.

When IW is selected nearly unanimously tomorrow you folks will have a decision on your hands:

1. complain that our city is going down the drain, your dreams are not being met, city staff and council are deluded and inept, or:

2. wake up to the fact that the same old stadium we've always had is going to be rebuilt and look great, that the world will not have ended for the city plan or west harbour, that money will have stayed in downtown.

One choice will set this website further into the mode of singleminded, uncompromising complaining that seems to be becoming the norm. The other is able to see past the ideal and consider that in sum, all things considered, this is a victory for the city. No greenfield is being built on, no suburban or Burlington stadium, no park is paved over, no high value employment lands used up.

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